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Electric Fireplace Insert
Electric Fireplace Insert
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Electric Fireplace Insert
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Electric Fireplace with Mantel
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Electric Fireplace with Mantel
Wall Mount Electric Fireplace
Wall Mount Electric Fireplace
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Wall Mount Electric Fireplace
Tabletop Electric Fireplace
Tabletop Electric Fireplace
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Tabletop Electric Fireplace
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Electric Fireplace – All You Need to Know

Out of all the possibilities of electric heating solutions for your house, an electric fireplace heater is one of the most interesting available. You’ll not only heat up the room you’re placing it on, but you’ll create a lovely ambiance that will make your home feel cozy and welcoming.

In the past, having a fireplace was something that was only for the wealthy and those that lived out in the country. However, technology makes life easier, and it has created this beautiful appliance that mimics a wood fireplace without the hassle, the smoke and all the other disadvantages of heating a room with a wood fire-place.

How does an electric fireplace heater work?

Electric fireplace heaters generate heat by using electricity, which means they do not require gas to work. That makes them safer than gas heaters. An electric fireplace heater uses metal coils to transform electricity into heat. A fan inside the heater then spreads the heat outside, heating up the room.

While a soft fan sound hums quietly, on the outside of your electric fireplace LED lights create a lighting show in your own home, showing a type of flames that you have picked yourself from the diverse options available.

If you’re thinking about heating solutions for your new house, an electric fireplace is the way to go to make your house a home. However, in this type of appliance, there are many options that you need to take into account according to the space you’re heating and the way your house was built.

As an example, if your house is large and already has or used to have a wood fireplace, you can choose an electric fireplace insert. If you don’t have much space, go for a free standing electric fireplace heater. If you desire to give your living room a luxurious look, use an electric fireplace with mantel.

For each type of electric fireplace there are many models out there, which is very likely to confuse consumers. This is why we’ve created this article: we have gathered our knowledge of electric fireplace reviews in order to create the perfect guide for a beginner.

We’ll start by showing you different types of electric fireplace ideas so you will know the options available before you can proceed to pick a specific model for your home.

Electric Fireplace Insert

Electric fireplace insert image used for demonstration

What is an electric fireplace insert?

Electric fireplace inserts are the best option if you already have a fireplace in your home and wish to make the move into electric for whatever reason. These are called inserts because they take up the space in which your wood fireplace used to be.

Are there any benefits in replacing your wood fireplace with an electric fireplace insert?

At a first glance, it might seem like a counterintuitive decision. Isn’t a wood fireplace the most comfortable way to heat your home? Well, we’ll discuss that concept and show you how electric fireplace inserts can make an enormous difference for the better.

First of all, we’re going to ask you: for which reason would you get a fireplace in the first place?

  • Enjoying the relaxing effect and soft glistening of the flames;
  • Heating your home, especially in rooms that you spend a lot of time in, like your living room or your bedroom.

Now, let’s compare a wood fireplace with an electric fireplace insert through the pros and cons of each of them so you’ll understand what we mean when we advise you towards an electric fireplace.

Does an electric fireplace insert offer the same comfort as a wood fireplace?

Wood fireplaces are beautiful, that’s not even a question. They transform a living room in the cold days of winter through the gentle flames that heat up your living room. However, technology keeps on evolving and you can get some quite realistic effects on an electric fireplace insert.

Nonetheless, it is a legitimate concern that having a electric fireplace insert will not be as natural as true fire. This could be seen as a disadvantage for a few consumers.

However, as we list the advantages of an electric fireplace, you’ll see that it is a valuable alternative that you should consider as a heating option for your home.

The benefits of an electric fireplace:

  • You can change the settings to adjust the flames effect into your favorite ambiance
  • You don’t have to buy, store, or carry logs
  • No ashes that require cleaning
  • Electricity is more cost effective than burning wood
  • All you have to do is plug it to electricity and enjoy!

So, you see that electric fireplace inserts offer an alternative to wood fireplace or gas – bioethanol fireplaces – for cost effective, environment-friendly heating in your home. Relax watching the flames, crank the lights up to your favorite flame setting and enjoy!

Discover plenty of Electric Fireplace Inserts here or view the best electric fireplace insert reviews for 2020.


a photo of an electric fireplace with mantel for demonstration only

What is an electric fireplace with mantel?

An electric fireplace with mantel is a good choice for you if you want more options when it comes to the design of the top and framework of your electric fireplace.

In the past, a mantel was used as a hood to keep the smoke from billowing inside the house. However, in an electric fireplace with mantel, the mantel is an aesthetic option that can make a lot of difference when it comes to the design of your living room.

Why choose an electric fireplace with mantel?

With plenty of framework designs, an electric mantel fireplace offers customization to a larger extent if the design is a great concern for you and you want your electric fireplace to match the rest of the room.

When it comes to actual flame settings, an electric mantel fireplace is going to be just the same as any other fireplace. However, it will offer you many more options when it comes to the appearance of the fireplace, making it seem even more real. Plus, this mantel won’t get stained by smoke over time as it happens with wood fireplaces, making it a beautiful design statement.

You can choose between a large, free standing, stone mantel, in any color you might desire. You can even get an electric fireplace in faux stone.

In addition to all the options you get with other electric fireplaces, such as LED lighting, several different flame settings for you to choose from, and a heating function that you can set to different temperatures according to your need, an electric fireplace with mantel gives your living room a much more interesting touch that can be seen even when the fireplace is switched off.

We have prepared a dedicated article with more information on electric fire-places with mantel with a list of our best electric fireplace heaters with mantel for you to find out which one best adapts to your home and lifestyle.


image of a build in fireplace used for demonstration

Unlike electric fireplace inserts, built in electric fireplaces do not replace a wood fireplace but they’re inserted into the wall, giving it an effect of a wood fireplace that comes from within your wall.

We have gathered the best built in electric fireplaces for you to pick from in this list to make it easier for you to see if this is the best option for you out of the types of electric fireplaces available.

Unlike the electric fireplace inserts, built in electric fireplaces are made to fit on any wall, without the need for as much space behind them. This is a perfect option for an apartment or a house decorated in a contemporary design style.

The best built in electric fireplaces give your living room a cozy ambiance without compromising on space, making them a great options for any house no matter its size or build type.

If you’re interested in getting a built in electric fireplace, we have a whole article dedicated to the best built in electric fireplaces so you can compare specs and design.


wall mount electric fireplace used for demonstration

What is a Wall Mount Electric Fireplace?

Some of the best electric fireplaces are wall mount electric fireplaces. These will be suspended from your wall, attached to it, offering plenty of customization options like mantels or lightweight sleek designs that blend in just right with the design of your living room or bedroom.

Why should I consider buying a wall mount electric fireplace?

Wall mount electric fireplaces can make a huge difference in the look of your living room or bedroom by adding an element of coziness and comfort.

If you compare a wall mount electric fireplace to a electric fireplace insert, you’ll see each of them has their pros and cons and the choice depends mostly on how you’re going to use it, your lifestyle and house type. In the case of inserts, when you pick a place to install it, it has to stay there no matter what. So, if you move to another house, you won’t likely be able to take it with you. The best wall mount electric fireplaces that we offer in our product lists can be rearranged to fit other places that aren’t originally intended, adapting easily to any location.

For more information on this type of electric fireplaces, please check out our best wall mount electric fireplaces.


free standing electric fireplace image used for demonstration

What is a Free Standing Electric Fireplace?

If there is a product that can actually replace a wood fireplace easily with plenty of advantages, it is the free standing electric fireplace heater. It is an electric fireplace that does not need to be attached to a wall and can be set up anywhere in the house. It is smaller and lighter than common electric fireplaces. If you’re concerned with size, check out the smallest electric fireplace heaters.

As technology evolves, more and more consumers are switching from their old wood fireplaces into electric fireplaces. The different types of electric fireplaces make it easy to adapt to all types of houses, no matter the size. However, usually an insert is our best recommendation if you’re coming from a wood fireplace.

If you would like to find out more about electronic fireplace inserts, we have a detailed category page with the best electric fireplace inserts and more information regarding this type of electronic fireplace.

Who Should Buy a Free Standing Electric Fireplace?

Free standing electric fireplaces are usually light and small, however, their heating capacity is highly reduced in comparison to the types we mentioned previously.

Nonetheless, if you have a small space that you need heating for, a free standing electric fireplace is your best option. You’ll be able to enjoy the same options when it comes to their LED lights, providing you with just as many options for customization of your flame effects as any other type of electric fireplace.

In fact, due to their lightweight and portable nature, the best free standing electric fireplaces are a great alternative to traditional heating that is considered by many to be the best heating device they ever bought. Plus, you can move it with you no matter where you are in the house, creating the perfect ambiance in several rooms.

What is the maximum power output that a free standing electric fireplace can offer?

There are plenty of different options when it comes to free standing electric fireplace models, which makes it difficult to calculate a maximum power setting that will apply to all. However, the average maximum power a free standing type of electric fireplace can offer is usually around 2000W.

Read More


photo of a tabletop electric fireplace used for demonstration

What is a tabletop electric fireplace?

Tabletop electric fireplaces are quite a nice novelty for your dining room or kitchen, as they are placed on top of a table and are even smaller than the best free standing electric fireplaces. However, their heating capacity will surprise you and their LED lights will create the ideal ambiance for a comfortable and relaxed meal while it’s cold outside.

In order to make them even more portable than free standing electric fireplaces, tabletop electric fireplaces are usually powered by rechargeable batteries and they are a great addition as a decorative element for any table. However, bear in mind that the fact that these electric fireplaces are so lightweight means that sometimes that’s all they are – decorative. Some tabletop electric fireplaces won’t provide you with heat, just a nice and relaxing flame effect for your dining table or coffee table.

If you would like to find out more about all types of electric fireplaces, please check out this article in which we offer more details and recommend products.

With this article, we branched out to all the major types of electric fireplace heaters that you can choose from to bring a cozy warmth and soft light to your living room, bedroom, or even dining room.

We will be exploring this subject through other articles, so stay tuned to discover all there is to know about the wonderful home appliances that electric fireplace heaters are. Enjoy!

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