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Personal Data Collection Policy


Data collected when visitors leave comments on our platform can include the comment left, the IP address of the visitor, and the browser information attached.

Anonymized information created through your email address may also be collected at this point in time. If you’re comments are approved by moderators your profile picture/logo may be made visible to other visitors if applicable.


Those uploading images and media to our platform are discouraged from uploading any media that includes embedded location data and information. All visitors are able to download and extract this information, even without our express consent.

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We use cookies on our online platform.

Those leaving comments on our platform have an opportunity to opt in and use cookies to save their name, email address, and website details in their own cookies. This has been provided as a convenience to our visitors, giving them an opportunity to streamline their experience on our platform.

All cookies have an expiration timeline of 12 months.

Visitors that login to our platform may have temporary cookies used that determine whether or not the browser being used excepts cookies to begin with. This cookie will never contain personal, private, or payment data and information and is discarded as soon the browser is closed.

Upon login, our platform uses a variety of different cookies that are designed to save login information and data and also to display your site preferences. These cookies have a lifespan of 48 hours, with screen option cookies expiring 12 months later.

Any user that selects the “Remember Me” login option will find that their information persists for a 14 day span of time. Immediately upon logging out these cookies will be removed as well.

Editing or publishing an article on our platform may cause the creation of additional cookies. These cookies will not include personal, private, or payment data but will instead merely indicate that the identification information of individual posts. These cookies will expire after 24 hours.

Embedding Content

Articles and uploads on this platform may include information, media, and content that has been embedded from other sites and other online platforms. The embedded content added to this platform will act and behave in the exact same way it would have if visitors engaged with the original content on its original platform.

Visitors will want to know that any information or data collected through this embedded content is done expressly through the platform that hosts it. This content may take advantage of cookies, may leverage third-party tracking solutions, and may even monitor the individual interactions visitors have with the content that has been embedded.

This may or may not include tracking the interaction with the embedded content as an account holder, even if you aren’t currently logged into that platform.

Analytics Policy

Information Sharing

Our visitors should know that we – as a blanket policy – agree not to sell, trade, barter, or transfer any of the personally identifiable information we collect and gather here to any third party without your express consent.

At the same time, we want our visitors to know that many of the affiliates that we work with may be able to gain access to personally identifying information in an effort to help us better provide streamlined services and solutions as well as to improve the overall management of relationships with our customers.

Because we offer a variety of third-party products and services on our platform, each of the linked partners may have the opportunity and the authorization to access your personal data with your express consent.

Each of these affiliated websites and services will have separate and totally independent privacy policies as well, and we have absolutely zero liability for the content or the activities of those third-party affiliate websites and services.

Data Retention

If you have elected to leave a comment on our platform, the data that includes the comment as well as all associated metadata will be retained by our services indefinitely. This gives us an opportunity to better recognize and approve any and all follow-up comments and conversations with automatic tools, rather than having to pause all follow-up to go through independent human moderation.

Any individuals that choose to register on our platform will find that their personal information provided in their user profile is saved indefinitely as well. Every user of every class will have a chance to see, edit, modify, delete, or otherwise alter any of the information that they have provided with one sole exception – the username that they have selected.

Our website administrators and backend management team will be able to view all of this information and also have full permissions to edit it as necessary.

Your Data Rights

In the spirit of full transparency, any individual that has an account on this platform – as well as any individual that has left comments here – have the opportunity to request (and to receive) data files that include all of the information that we have collected about you.

This information will include any of the data that you have provided as well as the data that we collect and maintain automatically. You also have the right and full authorization to request that we expunge and erase any of the data that we are holding on your behalf.

This does not extend, however, to the data that we keep for administrative, security, or legal reasons.

You should also know that every single comment left by our visitors is passed through a completely automated SPAM detection service.

Your Contact Details

We may or may not collect information regarding your residential or work address, your email addresses, billing addresses, postal box addresses, and your phone numbers – almost always in an effort to respond to questions or information that you have requested of us.

This kind of data is almost always collected in an effort to maintain open conversations and communications with visitors and our users.

Additional Data

Those that have accounts with us, as well as those that leave comments here, may be subject to further data collection. This information can extend to your username, your email address, and any other information and details necessary to fully verify the account that has been created here.

On top of that, we reserve the right to collect information and data from all of our visitors and account holders that provide answers or information through the surveys or comments sections of our platform. These efforts to collect data are always done to further improve our services and solutions, and much of this data is fully anonymized.

Details regarding your account activity, IP address information, language, date and time details, browser type and device used, exit pages, and time spent on site as well as time spent on page can all be collected.

Protecting Your Data

We take full advantage of industry standard security mechanisms that are technical, physical, as well as managerial designed to protect and secure your personal, private, and identifying information.

Only 100% authorized personnel will ever have an opportunity to access your information, and all of these individuals are subjected to confidentiality duties.

Information is also fully protected using SSL and HTTPS security solutions, with full database sanitization occurring on a regular basis. In the event of data breaches, all of our system administrators are fully empowered to analyze all impacted and affected accounts and to reset passwords as necessary – but only after notifying each individual user that was impacted.

Expect to receive a notification email within 72 hours of us becoming aware of potential breaches. These emails will include recommendations about how to better secure your information and your data.

We are not set up to receive any data or information about our users or our visitors from third-party platforms. You should also know that it is impossible for third parties that we have had no prior contact with to send information or data about our clients or our visitors, either.

Individuals and users that opt in for a product available on our website may have certain access and account levels determined by what they have opted in for. An example is users subscribing to information regarding particular products receiving details about those specific products moving forward.

Affiliate Disclosure Information

Our platform is part of a number of different affiliate programs, programs designed specifically for us to earn advertising fees by connecting individual customers to the platforms and programs we are affiliated with.

It’s likely that you are going to encounter affiliate links while navigating our website.

Each time a visitor clicks one of these links – or purchases a product or service through our affiliate link – we will receive a small commission. This commission is not charged to you as the individual user and you’ll see no effect on the price because of these affiliate relationships.


We do use cookies throughout our online platform.

These cookies are used to improve the user experience of our visitors and account members, helping to streamline their experience and to simplify things significantly. We also use information about the browser or device you are using to better personalize your experience, and hope that you will click the “Accept All” button to continue moving forward.

You do have the option to choose to “Reject All” cookies if you’d like to opt out, too.

Contact Us

If you need to contact us for any reason whatsoever – regarding our privacy policy or anything else – please don’t hesitate to email us directly or use the other contact methods we have provided.

Email: [email protected]

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