GM Home ZCR-6013G Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

GM Home ZCR-6013G Review

GM Home ZCR-6013G Wall Mount Electric Fireplace
GM Home ZCR-6013G Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Watts: 750/1500 | Sizes: 40″, 50″, 60″ | Color: Black

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GM Home wall mount electric fireplace is available in wall mount as well as free-standing. You can either get it wall mounted just like a frame or you can choose for freestanding option with the legs provided. The flat tempered glass panel of this virtual fireplace is perfect for your living room, workplace and even your bedroom. Ideal for warmth as well as ambience. The expansive black glass panel offers artistic beauty and makes the fireplace a great focal point for your room. An ideal location for the wall mounting of this electric fireplace is on the wall under TV.

This wall mounted electric fireplace has 9 flame colours yellow, blue, green, white, yellow & green, yellow & white, yellow & blue, green & white, green & blue. All these colours give a realistic stone flame effect and customers love it. Choose the one you like according to your mood and ambience and set the atmosphere for a party.

You can also adjust the flame brightness setting from a soft glow to full brightness-5. The flames can be operated with heat and without heat. It ideally heats a room to 400 square feet. Flame colours, sleep-timer, on/off and temperature settings all can be done by the remote control. GM fireplace comes with remote control as well as panel control.

Other GM Home ZCR-6013G specifications:

GM Home ZCR-6013G Review

  • 5,100 BTU heater
  • 120 Volts/1,500 Watts
  • Sizes available: 40”, 50”, 60”
  • Timer settings: 1 hour – 8 hours
  • Temperature: 62F – 82F
  • Safety cut-off device for heat protection

GM Home wall mount electric fireplace is CETL certified, safe to use as it does not emit any flame, unlike a wall, mounted gas fireplace, just sit down and enjoy the warmth and ambience offered by this fireplace. There are some noise issues with this fireplace when you turn on the firelight without the heat. This electric fireplace is suitable for smaller rooms and also make sure that you place it lower to the floor because the heat comes out the top.

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What to expect for the GM Home ZCR-6013G installation:

The wall mount electric fireplace arrives fully packed in a cushioned box to avoid any damage, just follow the coloured easy-to-follow instructions to set up your fireplace quickly. It has a hassle-free and simple installation process. The mounting bracket of the GM virtual fireplace is fixed at the back and for converting it into a free-standing fireplace, fix the legs on the left and right of the fireplace. It requires just a couple of minutes and you are all set to enjoy stunning ambience all year long. GM Home wall mount electric fireplace adds luxury to your contemporary home.



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