MODERN BLAZE MB-50 Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Multicolor Flame Wall Mount Electric Fireplace by Modern Blaze

When it comes to Multicolor Flame Wall Mount Electric Fireplace the MB-50 model had left many buyers happy.

It is a safe operating electric fireplace that works very well in staying cool while being in use. It has 9 different flame color options, a quiet heater that you can choose not to use with the flame effect giving you the opportunity to use it even in the summer.

Another great feature of this multicolor flame wall mount electric fireplace is the thermostat control letting you adjust the heating between 62 to 82 Fahrenheit.

You can get a pretty good heat for rooms up to 400 sq. feet but as we always recommend is best to use it on even smaller rooms for better performance.

Does the MB-50 by Modern Blaze model considered as a cost-effective unit?

For such a great unite and the features you get we would say that this unit is definitely cost-effective. The LED technology helps to achieve a minimal energy consumption and longevity while the produced heat can stay in your home depending on how efficient is your house insulation.

Multicolor Flame Wall Mount Electric Fireplace – FEATURES:

  • 2 Mounting options:
    • Can be hanged using the mounting brackets(Included)
    • Wall Recessed installation (Requires a Qualified Electrician)
  • Temperature control with the thermostat: 62-82 Fahrenheit
  • Flame settings: 9 Colors
  • Flame brightness settings: 5 Levels
  • Sleep timer: 1-8 hours
  • Crystal set: Yes
  • Log set:  Yes
  • Remote control: Yes

Modern Blaze MB-50 | SPECIFICATIONS:

  • Max Power: 1,500W
  • Voltage: 120V
  • BTUs: 5,118
  • Weight: About 60 lbs

Size and Dimensions:

  • 50 Inches:
    • Fireplace Dimensions: 21 1/2″(H) x 50 3/8″ (W) x 5 1/4″ (D)
    • Framing Dimensions: 20 1/2″(H) x 47 1/4″ (W) x 5 3/4″ (D)
    • Firebox Dimensions: 20 1/4″(H) x 46 7/8″ (W) x 5 1/2″ (D)


  • Wall hanging
  • Wall Recessed

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